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The VCU Health System is seeking a dermatologist hospitalist to address the increased annual need of inpatient consultation appointment requests.The number of inpatient consultation requests has increased annually and nearly doubled over the past five years. Most recent data from August 2018 shows more than fifty new consults each month. This is more than double the amount than that of five years ago. Most of these patients require biopsies and multiple visits by the dermatologist during admission.

The hospital at VCU Health System is the only hospital in the Richmond Metropolitan area, which offers inpatient dermatology consultation for patients. Many patients are transferred from other hospitals to VCU Health System specifically to be evaluated for a dermatologic condition.

A Board-certified physician with dermatology training who can evaluate, diagnose, and treat both general and complex dermatologic conditions will fill the dermatology hospitalist role. Compensation for the position will be a combination of departmental and graduate medical education (GME) funding.

VCU Health would be one of few academic centers to provide this comprehensive service and could serve as a model for other centers throughout the country. As a new field this may create a future training and fellowship opportunity. It is also a great opportunity for VCU Health to work collaboratively within the greater Richmond medical community, as we all strive to meet the overwhelming dermatologic needs of out state residents.


  • Become an integral part of the medical team
  • Managing inpatients with a host of dermatologic issues
  • Prepare the dermatology residents regarding the care and management of these patientsand their role on the medical team
  • Increase the knowledge of fellow healthcare colleagues with respect to complex medical dermatologic problems
  • Maximize continuity of care andfollow these patients into the outpatient setting upon discharge


  • B/C physician with dermatology training
  • Ability to evaluate, diagnose and treat both general and complex dermatologic conditions

Applicants are encouraged to apply via our website,

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